Servers & NAS

Servers & NAS


Name brand desktop or laptop manufacturers typically have four different series. First and lowest is Consumer Series. These series are mostly found in major retail stores. We generally don’t recommend consumer series to our clients. Parts used for consumer computers may be more generic or even cheap and are built to last couple of years.

Next series are Entertainment or Gaming Computers which usually have very high specs and on average last about 4 years. This is a good choice for ones who mainly watch movies or listen to music on their computer or gamers.

Then we get to Entry-level Corporate Series which are built for businesses but could be used at home as well. This is the series that we usually recommend to our clients because they are built with better components that are tested more rigorously, they are more reliable, well-priced and better and quicker warranties. Average life of these computers are 4+ years.

Finally we get to Corporate Models which have longer warranties, better quality and are built to last 5+ years. Corporate models are more expensive but it is worth the extra money.

We are partners with HP and Lenovo but sell and service all major brands.