Support Packages

Support Packages




Are you paying too much for your IT needs? We can help by offering you a monthly service contract.

Your business deserves more attention. Customizable, conforming, flexible support packages offer manageable budgetary solutions.
PowerOn Computer Systems delivers technology solutions, based on expertise, knowledge and on-site experience. We understand the crucial effect of downtime. Downtime means lost productivity and lost profits. Profitability can’t be accomplished if the network is down. We solve your issues the first time. Competitors may offer discount rates, but it makes no sense to have a discounted technician to fix the same problems repeatedly; ultimately, there is no discount.

Benefits Include:

  • Set Schedule:

Depending on the agreement by coming onsite or remotely, on a regular basis, we perform preventative network maintenance. This allows our technicians to identify and correct small problems before it becomes a major disruption. The schedule is determined and agreed upon by PowerOn and the client: how often (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly), and what constitutes as Preventative Maintenance.


  • Flexibility

Clients are free to set aside additional items to be done on the scheduled day. Please inform the us with an email or phone call. (24-48 hour notice is required).


  • Cost Savings

The purpose of a contract is not to give discounted rate, to us it is more meant to give clients on contract extra priority and a customized service and ensure minimal downtime at all time, however in the long run the client will be saving quiet a lot of money. Because of preventative maintenance clients on contract will be paying less because they wouldn’t need to pay for long hours to technician to fix issues that could be prevented plus no downtime which means no loss of productivity.

The advantages of outsourcing your company’s computer support needs:

  • Scheduled at your company’s convenience.
  • We solve any immediate problems or issues.
  • We take care of any other underlying problems while the technician is onsite
  • No benefits to pay, no costs associated with having a full time employee
  • Some services can be offered after business hours, minimizing lost productivity

Customized monthly support packages start at an affordable $250/month.